About Us

The central goal of our center is to address the most urgent medical challenges of our time by introducing new technologies, tools, approaches that improve and transform clinical solutions.  Our researchers are tackling these needs by developing (1) new enabling engineering technologies to visualize and monitor the body and its functions in normal and disease states, (2) the mathematical framework and computational tools to better predict progression and treatment response, (3) new biomaterials, artificial organs, and medical devices, and (4) the technologies that will lead to new advances in diagnostics and therapeutics.  Our expertise spans a range of different biological scales to invent new translational technologies that transform the ways in which we see/monitor, predict, and treat medical conditions.


This center is collectively led by: (1) Eunji Chung, Gabilan Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, (2) Stacey Finley, Gordon S. Marshall Early Career Chair and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, (3) Ellis Meng, Gabilan Distinguished Professor and Professor of Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, (4) Cristina Zavaleta, Gabilan Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering.  From new materials, to predictive mathematical models, to nano- and microscale implants, this team addresses important unmet needs in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immunological disorders, kidney disease, neurological and neurosurgical conditions, and urologic diseases.  This center is focused on preclinical innovation and translation through close collaboration with researchers, clinicians, and industry partners. Core resources include clinically relevant live animal and tissue imaging and medical device manufacturing and testing.